Catachemwell T-Analyzer


Small footprint. Big potential.

Catachemwell T-Analyzer

Catachem’s long standing relationship with instrument manufacturer Awareness Technology goes back twenty years to the storied Stat Fax analyzer which remains the simplest and most reliable cuvette reading apparatus in the clinical laboratory.

Catachem’s more recent partnership with Awareness Technology involves the Awareness CataChemwell-T analyzer. This fully automated analyzer when paired with Catachem’s VetSpec™ reagents performs the majority of tests ever needed in a smaller veterinary hospital and will perform these with the same accuracy and precision as many of the larger analyzers in the reference laboratory.

A veterinary facility using this instrument/reagent combination has the security of knowing that results produced by the CataChemwell-T can be fully supported in front of the pet owner minutes after the blood sample has been taken from the animal.