Bromide assay reagent, calibrator, controls and Linearity Checkset

Reagents for the assay of bromide levels in blood samples

Potassium bromide is a drug used in the same manner as phenobarbital to control nervous system disorders in dogs. As it can be toxic at high levels it is important to measure levels of circulating bromide in the dog’s blood to ensure the correct dosing for the size of the dog. Catachem’s bromide reagent accurately determines bromide levels from 5 mg/dL to 400 mg/dL. Toxicity in most dogs begins at approximately 120 mg/dL.

Catachem’s assay is designed for use on most automated chemistry analyzers and has a 60-day on-board stability to accommodate the ebb and flow of testing volume. 

In the assay bromide ions displace chloride ions in the gold chloride-based reagent. The gold bromide formed is a colored product that is detected and read on an analyzer at 380 nm. The amount of bromide ion present in the blood serum sample is directly proportional to the intensity of the signal generated at 380 nm by the gold bromide in solution.


Bromide assay reagent kit B – C424-0B – 1 x 30 mL + 1 x 15 mL

Bromide assay reagent kit A – C424-0A – 3 x 60 mL + 3 x 30 mL

Bromide Calibrator – C424-20 – 6 x 5 mL

Bromide Control 1 – C424-21 – 6 x 5 mL

Bromide Control 2 – C424-22 – 6 x 5 mL

Bromide Linearity Checkset  – C424-0L– 5 x 5 mL

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