Copper assay reagent and calibrator

Reagent and calibrator for the determination of copper in blood serum

Copper is an essential trace element that can cause disease due to either toxicity or deficiency in an animal. Wilson’s disease and Menkes Syndrome can be clinically diagnosed using copper serum levels as a guide.

Under acid conditions copper dissociates from ceruloplasmin and these cupric ions form a chelate complex with a unique, water-soluble chromophore, 3,5 di Dr-PAESA, which turns a blue-violet color after the reaction. This color is measured at around 580 nm making it usable on a number of automated clinical chemistry analyzers.

Catachem’s single, stable liquid reagent is provided ready to use with no deproteinization of the sample required. The chemistry is also designed to avoid interferences from other metal cations that may also be in the serum or plasma sample.

A freeze-dried calibrator is provided in each reagent kit.

The method is linear to 400 µg/dL, which covers serum copper levels across most species.

Copper Assay Reagent + Calibrator– Cat. Number V655-12 – 3 x 13 mL; + Copper calibrator – 3 x 1 mL

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