Non-esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA)

Non-esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA) Assay, Calibrator, Controls and Linearity Checkset

Reagents for the determination of Non-esterified fatty acids in blood serum

High concentrations of non-esterified fatty acids (NEFAs) build up in an animal’s fat stores when an animal is under nourished. Insufficient glucose available to meet the animal’s energy needs leads to lipolysis or fat breakdown resulting in an increase of NEFAs in the blood stream. Being able to quantify and manage the levels of NEFAs is critical to ensuring adequate nutrition, general good health as well as productivity of the animals. This is particularly important in regard to dairy cows to offset some of the pressures of constant milk production.

The Catachem assay involves the enzymatic conversion of NEFAs using two enzymes. Acyl-CoA Synthetase (ACS) and Acyl-CoA Oxidase (ACOX) react in sequential fashion with NEFAs to produce hydrogen peroxide which is then quantified in a Trinder type reaction to produce a quinoneindamine dye which is read at a wavelength of 550 nm. The color change in the dye is directly proportional to the concentration of NEFAs in the blood sample.

 The assay is linear to 2.5 mmol/L under normal assay conditions. It shows little interference from hemoglobin up to 200 mg/dL, bilirubin up to 10 mg/dL and ascorbic acid up to 20 mg/dL.

The assay can be run on most manual and automated clinical analyzers if the appropriate wavelength filter is present (530nm/550nm)


Non-esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA) assay – C514-0A – 3 x 30 mL + 3 x 15 mL

Non-esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA) Calibrator – C514-10 – 3 x 3 mL

Non-esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA) Control 1 – C514-11 – 3 x 3 mL

Non-esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA) Control 2 – C514-12 – 3 x 3 mL

Non-esterified Fatty Acids (NEFA) Linearity Checkset – C514-0L – 5 x 1 mL

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