Diagnostic Reagents for Research and Veterinary Use

Quality reagents formulated to the specific needs of our customers.


Who is Catachem and What Do We Do?

Catachem Inc. is a leading, U.S.-based manufacturer of clinical chemistry reagents for use on automated analyzers for both veterinary and human diagnostic labs. Our reagents offer strong performance in terms of accuracy, precision, stability and cost.
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Veterinary Diagnostics

Catachem continues to work closely with its customers to design specialty chemistry tests for the specific needs of the veterinary laboratory.
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Research use only Diagnostics

Diagnostic reagents for research use only (and not for current use in diagnostic procedures). Designed to address existing gaps in current testing protocols and improve patient care in the future.
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Veterinary Reagents, RUO Reagents, Calibrators and Controls

Clinical chemistry reagents


Catachem’s storied lines of diagnostic reagents come from over 40 years of diagnostic manufacturing experience.
Calibrators and controls for clinical chemistry assays on automated and semi-automated analyzers

Calibrators and Controls

Our controls and calibrators are designed to complement the company’s reagents and are rigorously tested across multiple analyzers.
Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene Glycol

With three different chemistry kits to choose from, we have an Ethylene Glycol solution for labs of every size.

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What Customers Think About Catachem


Megan Ruch

Our group has been utilizing a Chemwell-T for a few years now and we have found it to be a vital part of our research. What would take a person a full day to do multiple runs of a metabolite on a plate, we can accomplish in a much shorter time. And if something happens to go wrong with the Chemwell-T, I know I can rely on the staff at Catachem to talk me through how to troubleshoot my issues and find new ways to reach our goals with the machine. And ordering is so easy! The time and commitment this company has given to me is beyond anything I have ever experienced and it makes running my little machine a breeze.

Deanna Campbell

Catachem’s lyophilization services are top notch! The company is extremely professional and remained in touch with me every step of the way. I was very impressed with the attention to detail in the labeling of and organization of the finalized product. The pricing for this highly customized service is also very reasonable.